Många andra hårdvarusidor och ATI själva är kritiska till den här recensionen. Vi skrev om detta igår. The Inquirer skriver exempelvis att ATI:s partners bara har tillgång till Radeon X1800 XL och inte modellerna XT och Pro som Hardware Analysis recension handlade om. ATI själva skrev inofficiellt på Beyond3D:s forum: "Simple, in addition to the top news & reviews sites, we have also invited one of the largest nVidia fan sites in the world to come along, get briefed and benchmark R520 however they choose - along with the best of them." ATI skriver även lite om deras dispyt med Sander.

Nu har Hardware Analysis svarat på ATI:s inlägg. I en artikel på sju sidor förklarar Sander Sassen hur det ligger till. Privata epost publiceras, företag kritiseras och kritik utdelas. En riktig soppa, men en spännande sådan.

Thanks for taking this issue to a global stage, I’m happy to provide a rebuttal here as obviously the people reading this have a right to hear the other side of the story as well and then make up their own minds. I’ll address the points raised by you individually below, so as to not further complicate things.

Let me first start with saying that I will no longer protect you or ATI by withholding personal emails from the people reading this thread as you obviously feel the need to twist facts, flat-out lie or conveniently leave out bits of important information. I’m sorry it has to come to this as it goes against what I believe is proper conduct but you leave me no other choice.

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