Gigabyte GTX 1650 Super Windforce OC

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Nov 2006
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@lastninja: If you need more performance and don't mind a very slight increase in power consumption, you could use a GTX 1660 Super or Ti together with a 6 to 8 pin power adapter. I successfully installed a GTX 1660 Ti with it's 8 pin power through an adapter to two 4-pin molex connectors on a single cable. All the wiring stays cool under load. The system power is impressively low even with everything running stress tests. The 1650's and 1660's are impressively power efficient.

Thanks for the advice. I knew of these adapters, but then i would have had to take a closer look on the the PSUs rail specifications. The system had a Dell 635W PSU, and sure it seems as we would have some leeway, but i've previously come across OEM branded PSU's that have had unbalanced rails. And I'm also a bit scared for the dynamic frequency boosts in these newer gen Geforce cards, as they possibly could make power spikes that overloads the PSU in short bursts.
If it were my own system I would have done that, but on this particular department a failing system means thousands in loss each day until I get it running again.

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