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Aug 2009

Project "Black N Blue Typhoon"

Hejsan slänger in min Lilla Bygglogg/Uppgraderingslogg här på Sweclockers med, dock orkar jag inte just nu skriva nytt på svenska så det blir det jag redan skrivit på Engelska Uppdateringar klistras in fortlöpande som de kommer ut på andra forum.

Hoppas detta är okej och att folk inte blir tokiga på mig för min lathet.

Black N Blue Typhoon

"The new apartment killed it,... Rebornish"

So heya All, This is just my tired Build thats gona be getting a little Boost of performance over the next coming weeks.

First off all, the Rigg is now dead, my new apartment had some faulty wiring and this create a short circuit when I booted it up for the first time Today =/, A light smell of burned plastic and a tiny "puff" of smoke!

Atleast my fusebox's residual-current circuit breaker works xD, after taking everything apart and trouble shooting I'w found two soot spoots around the CPU-Socket and on the backside of the Southbrigde =/ the smell of burned plastic is getting more pungent.

The Motherboard won't start up at all, no Power, LED's dont light up, Fans won't start spinning and no boot-sound from the little PC-speaker.

After checking the MB and CPU (both Dead) I take a look at the GPU, this POOR sucker didnt suvive either =(.

Specs were:

MB: Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 @ Beta Bios
CPU: Phenom II 1055t @ Stock
CPU Cooler: BeQuite! SR2
RAM: Corsair Value 8GB @ 1600MHz
GPU: Asus GTX 560 1GB @ Stock
PSU: Ocz ZT 750
SSD: 3x Kingston SSDNow300 120GB

Setup and Temporary Office.

My Keyboard and mouse.

Case window sideview.

Case open insideview.


Backside of things. (yber-cablemanagment)

So now I'm left with a PSU that actually still works xD, Some DDR3 RAM and 3 Kingston SSDnow300 120GB drives (won one, got one from the Mrs. and bought one for 20$ and they are all the first GEN =D.)
I won't be using the PSU cause I don't truly know if it's in fully working condition after this event. I have 2 new in box psu's, 1 ocz zt 750 and 1 seasonic (ddon't remember the model nr but it's a 750W And atleast bronze)

Time for the small Boost in Performance:

Specs will Become:

MB: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 @ Beta Bios
CPU: FX 8320/8350 @ Stock as a starting point
CPU Cooler: BeQuite! SR2
RAM: Corsair XMS3 16GB @ 1333MHz (AMD stock settings)
GPU: SLI Gigabyte GTX 670 OC 2GB @ Stock as a starting point
PSU: Ocz ZT 750
SSD: 3x Kingston SSDNow300 120GB


MB: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 (27$)
GPU: 2x Gigabyte GTX 670 OC 2GB (120$ for the Pair)

Still Waiting on:

CPU: FX 8320/8350, Depending on which one runs the coolest (getting both, only paid 70$ for the pair)
RAM: Corsair Value 8GB (11$)
SLI Bridge, I forgot to take it with me from the old apartment xD
Alchemy white braided Cable extensions (orded a bunch for 20$)
Paracord in Blue and Grey +shrinkable tubing (50M of each, 20$)

Motherboard and GTX 670 SLi setup.

Motherboard and GTX 670 SLi setup.

Motherboard and GTX 670 SLi setup.

Just Cause.

So that's the beginning of the little Boost of Performance.

Updates will be coming as stuff arrives/gets found/gets here =D and ofc I have the time to upload...


So here Comes an update of my little Boost in performance,...

Parts took some time getting here but now let's start the essembly.

First of the MB gets some Work done

Heatsinks off


And Done, Time for SLI =D

Let's get the Corpse out of the Coffin

Cooler out

a smudge

Old MB and dead 1055T =/ served me well

Empty and that Cablehorror

Reflection, Clean CPU Cooler

Went with the FX 8320 as it arrived first, got the CPUs sent in 2 different parcel xD

TIM and Backplate on

Time to Anchor the BEAST


All Tightened

RAM goes in, might not be the right Slots but I can change it xP

New Body back in the Coffin

SLI hug time

Some Droop

All SLIed UP =D Big happy FACE

SO here She is in a body shoot.

This is as she stands right now, I know the Cablemanagment aint the best but she still got some Benchmarking and Testing to GO through before Getting a Grooming around the edges =D
(Sry for my not so awsome english but English aint my spoken language so bear with me.)

That's that for now, Benchmarks coming during the day, atleast Stock ones.


(didn't forget the tiny battery)

I'm Sad, my kit of 16GB XMS3 1600MHz DDR3 is dead=/ so there is only my old kit of 8GB 1333MHz in the system right now.

Done some Testing and Benchmarking on this little Machine.
Starting with the regular syntetic Benchmarks Valley, 3Dmark11 and 3Dmark Firestrike @ Stock Clocks.

ValleyExtreme Stock Clock score.

Temps and GPU clock.

3Dmark11Extreme Stock Clock Score.

3Dmark Firestrike Stock Clock Score.


Quick Overclock on the CPU and GPUs

CPU = 4200MHz and auto Volt @ 1.376
GPUs = just 110% powerlimit

This equals to a slightly higher performance on 3Dmark Firestrike and Valley but on 3Dmark11 there seams to be little to none increase on performance (i dont know if a score of 100 more in 3dmark11 equal the same kind of increase as the score of aroudn 1300 more in Fire strike.

Fire Strike



Detta var allt för nu men kommer mera uppdateringar allt eftersom det görs något nytt, det kommer att tillverkas några Akrylbakplåtar till GPUerna och en Akrylbotten mm

tack och hej

i7 4790K, BeQuiet! SR2, Asrock z97e-itx/ac, HyperX FURY 16GB,
R9 380 4G, Raid-0 3xKingston ssdNOW300V 120GB,
Bitfenix Prodigy, OCZ ZT 750W