Sommaren 2021 avtäckte Valve Steam Deck, en handhållen dator tillika spelkonsol, vars styrka är kompatibilitet med stora delar av Steams vidsträckta spelbibliotek. Receptet för det är Linux-baserade Steam OS 3.0 och kompatibilitetslagret Proton. Nu har det passerat ett år sedan de första enheterna levererades och sedan dess har tusental spel certifierats och Steam Deck toppat försäljningslistorna på Steam.

Steam Deck är handhållen spelkonsol från Valve

För att fira födelsedagsbarnet passar Valve på att rea ut de tre versionerna av konsolen, som alla säljs med 10 procent rabatt fram till den 23 mars. Det är första gången Valve prissänker Steam Deck och den något blygsamma rabatten resulterar inte i några extrema vrakpriser, men för den som ändå tänkt trycka på köpknappen går det att spara några hundralappar.


I samma veva passar Valve därtill på att uppdatera Steam Deck och Steam OS, som får både ett större gäng buggfixar och ett par nya funktioner. Bland annat inför Valve stöd för att överföra spelfiler mellan Steam Deck och en dator via det lokala nätverket. Det innebär att spel bara behöver laddas ned en gång, något som är tänkt att hjälpa de som exempelvis sitter med en begränsad mängd data per månad.

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  • Fixed game beta success/failure and dropdown not updating when opting into a password-protected beta branch

  • Fixed Big Picture Mode not opening when Steam is set to launch on startup when configured as the default mode

  • Fixed a regression in ISteamHTTP talking to servers with ALPN TLS extensions but no HTTP/2 support

Local Network Game Transfers

  • Added new feature that allows Steam users to copy existing Steam game installation and update files from one PC to another over a local area network, without having to download and install from a Steam content server on the internet. This helps you stay below your ISP monthly transfer limits and can speed up installs or updates. Steam users have control over who files can be sent to: self only, friends only, or everyone. The default setting is self only.


  • Move advanced HDR options to Developer Settings

  • Streamable games are now included in the "Ready to play" game filter, though the default action is still to install them locally.

  • Fixed a bug preventing some Demo apps that store files under the full-game App ID from uploading to Steam Cloud from Steam Deck devices

  • Stop prompting users to register for Steam Deck rewards if they have chosen the "Ignore Forever" option

  • Fixed some transparency issues with the background in the in-game overlay.

  • Fixed issue where user could not re-enter a context submenu after backing out of it

  • Fixed issue where incoming chat messages would not be delivered properly while in-game

  • Reduced flashing in background when scrolling through games on home screen

  • Game invites in the Quick Access Menu will now default to opening a context menu to accept the invite rather than navigating to the chat tab and having to hit "Accept" there.

  • Added ability to retrieve Steam Runtime System Information for Linux devices

  • Improved UI responsiveness when reconnecting to Steam

  • Fixed the appearance of jumbled UI that could happen for a second or two when starting Steam

  • Fixed crash when in a voice chat

  • Fixed crash when authorizing a microtransaction purchase

  • Fixed the Play button stealing focus when a game is launching

  • Constrain the width of settings, chat, and other non-grid based views when connected to larger monitors

  • Fixed misalignment of loading throbber after logging in.

  • Fixed universal search not applying mature content filtering preferences

Steam Input

  • Added support for the Sony DualSense Edge controller including support for remapping of the rear buttons.

  • Added a loading throbber when waiting on Steam Cloud to update

  • Improved the latency of querying the workshop in the Configuration Browser and fix issues with configurations popping-in or opening the wrong tab because results weren't fully received

  • Added a loading throbber that shows while the Configuration Browser workshop query is running

  • Fixed PS5 edge settings leaking into PS5 controller

  • Fixed Steam Link app mobile touch gyro not working

  • Fixed crash exiting deadzone visualization

  • Fixed the physical input visualization only looking at the first connected controller

  • Fixed rumble for Nintendo Joy-Con controllers

  • Added support for the Razer Wolverine V2 controllers

  • Added the ability to reset the device input mapping in new Big Picture

  • Added the ability to install and uninstall the Windows Xbox Enhanced Features driver to the new Big Picture controller settings

  • Updated the Windows Xbox Enhanced Features driver with the following changes:

  • Added support for Xbox Series X controllers connected via the Xbox Wireless Adapter

  • Fixed delay detecting hotplugged USB controllers, occasionally causing duplicate controllers in Steam

  • Fixed interference with the Victrix Control Hub after the driver has been uninstalled

  • Fixed Logitech F310 controller input on macOS and Linux

  • Added mapping for DualSense Edge Wireless Controller on Linux (note that advanced feature support require Steam to be able to access the /dev/hidraw* devices)

  • Fixed unintended inversion of Gyroscope Roll Axis on Steam Deck

  • Added some optimization around DualSense adaptive trigger effects interaction with the Bluetooth stack

Desktop Mode

  • Added UI that temporarily replaces the "What's New" section of the Library when pre-purchased games are available to pre-load or install and play

  • Added UI at startup for account selection

  • Added a "sign out" option to the main menu that removes credentials for the signed in account from the machine

  • Fixed a crash when the OS is notifying Steam that it should shutdown

  • Improved performance of games when using Steam Workshop APIs

  • Refreshed the profile games page with a new style and improved performance

  • Fixed crash for some uses of %command% in shortcut launch options

  • Fixed quotes surrounding shortcut exe and paths

  • Fixed "Steam Library Folder" dialog showing in Downloads settings

  • Fixed soundtrack cover art, artist, and track information not appearing in Additional Content section of app details

  • Fixed some actions that should have opened external applications, such as a URL in your default browser, that were instead doing nothing

  • Fixed a crash loading the standalone controller configurator

  • Fixed another issue blocking download of precached shaders

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